Tagaytay City: Puzzle Mansion (only in the Philippines)

During a trip to Tagaytay we made a quick stop to a unique bed & breakfast that they call Puzzle Mansion, situated near the famous Antonio’s. The road was too small that it could only fit one car at a time. Right after few resident houses you will see a sign of the Puzzle Mansion, there you have to turn right and drive thru a very steep small road path to the entrance.

The sign inside

The sign inside


with the owner and very talented Georgina (wearing black shirt and printed skirt)


The 3D puzzles


some of the world’s famous images…in puzzle version


If these were the real painting I’d be stealing them hahah!!! 😀


Inside the gallery

 The Puzzle Mansion was supposedly a retirement/vacation house of the super talented Mrs. Georgina Lacuna and her husband.  She has this amazing hobby of completing life size puzzles.

Now in her 60’s and she is still doing her hobby and with that, her jigsaw puzzle collection became part of the Guinness Book of World Record.


from Goya to Renoir to Van Gogh

She completed small to life size jigsaw puzzles, images from cartoon characters, popular landmarks around the world, world renowned paintings and all of her puzzles were bought from its country where the images originated.

A personal favourite of mine was the puzzle of the famous Guernica painting of Picasso. I caught myself staring like a child seeing a beautiful doll in the store.

lo and behold...the Guernica Painting by Picasso...in puzzle version :p

lo and behold…the Guernica Painting by Picasso…in puzzle version :p


The owner took us to a short tour around her “mansion”, we then saw a couple of rooms for their bed and breakfast (rooms ranging from Php4,000-Php6,000).

A must see while in Tagaytay, awesome jigsaw puzzle collection where even adults can enjoy.


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